Kamis, 05 Mei 2011

Pink Hijab >> created my Own >> YOU ???

Inspired by Hana Tajima Simpson ^_^

then I developed my own way....

ok.... this is it.....

1. ONE (simple-basic)

2.TWO (by Gunita Mustika Hati)
Pinned hairpins are central ..... etnic feel really ..... like Cleopatra ..Hhhe ^ _ ^

3. THREE (by Gunita Mustika Hati)
Embed a unique hairpin in one of the edges ...
like have hair ....hehe

4.Use sticks headbands that there are also decorations OK...
like a crown.....

5. FIVE (by Gunita Mustika Hati)
insert all into a shirt Hijab ..... ^ _ ^

collar so OK!

buttons can be opened one show for casual accent ^ _ ^

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